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video production company
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We are a post production company that offer a complete range of post production services including video editing, colour grading, visual effects and digital compositing. Our clients include high profile corporate companies and broadcast companies such as Sky TV and Channel 4. We offer a full high definition online and offline editing services. Colour grading is one of the most demanding creative and technical processes in post production and we have both the talent and equipment to deliver. We think that when it comes to putting your budget on screen, there is little in the entire production process to compare with the value offered by your colourist.

post production services

Colour Grading

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post production company

Video Editing

Post Production Services

Our post production team will transform your content into a true visual experience. We facilitate a selection of in-house post production facilities for broadcast and commercial use.

Colour Grading

We can colour grade and correct your media content to give it a professional and cinematic feel, enriching the colours to make each scene really stand out.

Audio Mastering

Audio quality can really improve the viewer experience so we make sure the sound quality conforms to broadcast standard during the post production stage.

Visual Effects

From digital compositing to background extensions, we deliver an extensive range of vfx techniques for features, TV, animation and commercials productions .

Bring life to your videos

When it comes to putting your film on screen, colour grading is vital. As is graphics, we provide animation content for commercials, title sequences, short films and feature films. We provide motion graphics and can facilitate both stop frame animation and live action footage.

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